FREE Consultation

FREE, 30-minute

Don’t know where to start? Let’s get the conversation going. During our 30-minute consultation, we will discuss your goals and map out a plan for you to achieve them. 

Flight Assessment

Included with every program

I will use Dr. Eric Thomas’s Flight Assessment as a tool to quickly and easily distinguish between the four core personality traits that characterizes every single person on the planet. After taking this assessment, you’ll know exactly where you fit in & why you process information, communicate, and lead the way that you do.

Personal Growth

Become Unstuck, Navigating Singe Life, Weight Loss

$375, 30-day program Initial Deep Dive, 3 x 45 min sessions

I will meet with you once a week and using the Flight Assessment as a cornerstone, I will help you become more self-aware. The lack of self-awareness is a common barrier to living your ideal life. This program is ideal for individuals struggling with repeated patterns, forming romantic relationships or wanting to improve their health and weight loss journey.

Couples Consult


The Flight Assessment will help you understand how your partner is wired and give you a common language to describe each other’s behavior during conflict. I will collaborate with you all to review your Flight Assessment and discuss if the feedback is helpful. The goal is to become more self-aware and find new strategies to reconnect with their partner.

Parent Consult


This track is essential for parents who recognize their current communication strategies are not working.  The Flight Assessment helps us understand our tendencies and how you may show up as a parent and drive disconnection with your child(ren).  When conflict arise, everyone tends to react in a certain way. A parent consult is the first step to increasing your self-awareness as a parent.