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I am here to help you increase your self-awareness and develop goals to live a life with purpose and intention.  

My Model

Increase self-awareness.

I created the BabyStepsSAQ coaching program to help my clients increase their self-awareness and live life with more intention so they can break the habit of being themselves. The BabyStepsSAQ coaching strategy focuses on the power of moving with intention to achieve micro-wins consistently, “small wins often.”

Create a life with intention.

I developed the BabyStepsSAQ coaching strategy to address an epidemic of low self-awareness, which drives people to handle difficult situations in unhealthy ways. By increasing your self-awareness, you stop operating on autopilot and become conscious of your decision-making to begin to create a life with intention.

Operate in your strengths.

My hopes and dreams with the BabyStepsSAQ model are that if I positively impact one individual, they move the family, and healthy families change communities. Because of my training and experience in the service industry, I am “classically trained” to ask you the right questions to create a roadmap for change. I also incorporate the Eric Thomas Flight Assessment to help you gain clarity around your “Superpowers” so you can immediately understand how to operate in your strengths and effectively understand and manage your weaknesses.

Small wins often.

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