I focus on micro-wins for major life changes.

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I’m your executive life and health coach. I help individuals become more self-aware so they can better understand their strengths, set realistic goals and strengthen connection within themselves and others.

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Working with Kris when I was faced with difficult news regarding changes occurring at my employer was life changing. Kris helped me work through those emotions when I was so unsure of what was going. The process allowed me to get honest with myself, in fact, so honest I left that company and obtained a new job making 6 figures. Without Kris I know for certain I would've never been able to process what was happening right in front of me. Forever grateful for Kris

— Former Client
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Kris helped me find the words to express how I was feeling when I received devastating news about changes at my job. With his guidance I found the courage to make a huge career change.

— Former Client
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Kris's use of humor is infectious . He uses a cool concept that made feel safe and comfortable having a difficult conversation.

— Former Client
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I thought the session was amazing!!! I was very satisfied. I hope we can continue with you, my son needs it

— Former Client
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